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Benefits of Using a Mechanical Lift

Lifting and transferring a family member from the bed to a wheelchair or commode and back again requires knowledge of how to lift properly to prevent back injury and falls. Caregiving in the home can be a physically challenging task, and using a patient lift makes transfers easier and less dangerous.

There are several  benefitst to using a mechanical patient lift:

  • Reduce the risk of falls for the patient and/or caregiver during a transfer.
  • Patient lifts are relatively easy to operate. 
  • Lifts can be used for weight-bearing exercise.
  • Bathroom lifts help a patient safely get in and out of a tub or transfer to and from a shower chair or commode.
  • A patient who is transferred from a bed to a wheelchair or recliner is in a better position to exercise and enjoy different surroundings.
  • A stair chair lift provides access to the upstairs part of a home.
  • Overhead track lifts can help a caregiver safely move a patient from room to room in the house.
  • A home pool lift offers access to fun and exercise in the water.
  • Ceiling lifts aid the caregiver in turning a bed patient, thus reducing patient bedsores.

 Consult your doctor or therapist for help in choosing the most suitable lift  for the home, and learn how to safely operate the lift device.  It is as important to care for the family caregiver as well as for their family member.

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